Only 10km from the heart of Adelaide City, on the sandy shores of Holdfast Bay, Glenelg is beautiful and the perfect place for a hen’s night or weekend! Our treasure hunt kicks off in the rotunda next to the ferris wheel (you can’t miss it!) where your hostess will explain your mission. Then, it’s game time! Lots of fun is to be had exploring the beautiful sites of Glenelg. We had a ball with the local lads, especially the surf lifesavers, whilst doing our ‘research.’ Trust us, Adelaide is good fun!
(*Visit our FAQ page How A Hunt Works for the nitty gritty)

We’ll wrap up at a mystery pub where the winners will be announced and showered with glory! You’re then welcome to stay on afterwards for drinks and dinner – if you plan on sticking around, let us know and we’ll make a reservation on your behalf.


Cost: $50pp (Flat rate of $500 for 10 or less). 15+ & the hen goes free!
Includes: Hostess, treasure hunt kit, gift for the hen and a complimentary drink for all.
Duration: 2.5 hrs in total including the 30 minute fun wrap up at the end.
Timings: 11.45, 12.30, 1.15, 2.00, 2.45, 3.30, 4.15, 5.00.

For something extra special, several of our groups have enjoyed a very posh High Tea at The Grand Hotel pre-treasure hunt. If you're looking for something to do post-treasure hunt, then The Surf Lifesaving Club is great for a meal with a view and the Pier Hotel is where you can dance the night away later on! There are so many options to choose from in Glenelg, so to make it easy, this link should give you some good ideas as to where to go to eat, drink or party!

Glenelg Restaurants

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