Wedding Planning for Beginners!

Wedding Planning for Beginners

Congratulations! You’re engaged, and everything is super exciting, but let’s address the elephant in the room, wedding planning is HARD, way harder than you might think it’s going to be! It’s not always something that’s spoken about openly and may come as a bit of a surprise for a newly engaged bride to be. Don’t you worry though, keep reading and we’ll go over all the big things that you need to consider when planning a wedding!

  1. Budget

We all know weddings are expensive, setting a (realistic) budget is the most important thing to start with as it will inform many of the other decisions you make down the track. Whether you are paying for the whole wedding, your families are helping out, or even if they’re paying for the whole thing, it’s important to sit down and discuss budgets with anyone who is contributing money to the wedding. Discussing this first up keeps everyone on the same page and will help to avoid any disagreements down the track, the last thing you want to do is argue about money in the lead up to your wedding day!

Once you and your fiancée (and any family that may be contributing) have set a budget that you can afford and are comfortable with STICK TO IT! It’s easy for the scope to start creeping as you’re planning, but if you keep your budget front of mind and work within it you’ll be well on your way to the day of your dreams at a price you can afford!

  1. The Guest List

Now, we’re not talking a final copy with all revisions, however sitting down with your new fiancée and having a discussion around how many people you want, who are your ‘must have’ guests, this could be family, best friends, even pets! Whoever you couldn’t imagine spending your special day without. Next is to start pulling that list together for a rough idea of numbers, this list can change and develop through the process, but it’s good to get a rough idea of numbers in the beginning because this will make your venue search much easier! It’s important that you keep your budget in mind through the whole process, but especially when creating your guest list, unfortunately, the more guests you have, the more money it costs!

  1. Venue

You have your budget, a rough idea of who’s coming and the number of guests, next step is to find a venue! This is where the fun really starts! This will be a choice personal to you and your fiancée, the venue really sets the tone for the style of wedding you want, some popular options are rustic, classic, boho, traditional and industrial, but you can make the theme and styling as unique or as traditional as you want! Since you’ve already set your budget and have a rough idea of numbers choosing a venue that’s the perfect choice should be much less of a hassle.

Now you have set a budget, drafted a guest list and selected a venue, you’re well on your way in the planning process! Congratulations! We know there is still plenty to think about and plan, but now these big things are out of the way the smaller things will start to fall into place. If you need any hens party planning tips, check out our previous blog posts because we have SO many to share, and if you’re looking for a hassle-free, killer hens party just please send us an enquiry, we’d love to host one for you!

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