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4 Steps to the Perfect Hens Party

4 Steps to the Perfect Hens Party 

Let’s set the scene, your bestie is newly engaged and she chooses you to be her maid of honour, you’re excited, grateful, and full of joy then… panic! You realise it’s now your job to make her hens night, and it needs to be epic, the only problem is, you have no idea where to start.

Don’t you worry, Hens Treasure Hunt is here to help and we’ve put together the essentials you need to know when planning a hens party, follow these steps and gracefully claim the title of ‘Most Amazing Maid of Honour’.

Step 1: Do all your planning in advance

Get this one right and you’ll be set up for success, planning is your best friend at times like these so whip out your spreadsheets and google docs and get organised! When selecting the date for the party you generally want to plan about 4 weeks in advance, this gives your guests plenty of notice, as well as allows them to plan financially for the party. The general rule of thumb is that the hens party is held at least 3 weeks out from the wedding, this is not a hard and fast rule, but is something to keep in mind when selecting the date. You also will want to think about transport and location in this step too, how will guests get to and from the party? Where will it be held? You might even want to do some cheeky venue reconnaissance and try a few out for ‘research’ purposes.

Step 2: It’s her party, involve the bride in the planning process 

You want the party to be perfect, and one of the best ways to find out exactly what the bride envisioned for her hens party is to just ask her! Don’t let her get too involved though, this is one thing she shouldn’t have to worry about since she trusts you enough to put you in charge! Just check in with her along the way, try and get a feel for what her ideal hens party would look like and if there is anything she is strongly against so you know what to avoid. You’ll also want her help with the guest list so you don’t miss anyone that is important to her. We recommend making a draft list and send it to her for editing, this way you’ve done most of the work and all she needs to do is make some small tweaks.

Step 3: ‘Save the date’ and make sure you give all invitees plenty of notice 

This one is easy, once you have set the date in step one, it’s important to let the prospective guests know as soon as possible! Create some lovely save the dates and email them off to your guest list, make sure you include a cut-off date for RSVP’s so you can get final numbers. Once the guests have RSVP’d you will want to send them all the event details. It’s important to include venue directions and transportation options as well as all other relevant information, if there is a party theme it is important you include this information in this step so your guests have adequate time to get their cutest outfits together!

Step 4: Know your audience 

Not everyone is going to know each other and there is likely going to be a range of different age groups present, as the party planner it’s important to make sure everyone feels included and comfortable at the event. We recommend starting off with some ice breakers so the group can get to know each other, this could be as easy as getting everyone to go around and introduce themselves, however you choose to do it this will help get your group acquainted and make for a better night moving forward.

So, there you go, we’ve given you the essentials, but the rest is up to you (or us if you’re choosing to have a Hens Treasure Hunt party!). You can now go forth to organise a killer hens party and feel proud that you’ve helped create an amazing event that the bride will never forget.

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