But… Who Should I Invite?

So, you’ve finalised your wedding guest list, right? You’re feeling good? Until… it dawns on you that there’s another list – the hens night guest list. The source of all manners of frustration and despair. Cue ominous music…

OK, we’re being dramatic… it’s not that bad, surely. But it’s still a point of concern for many brides and maids of honour. Here are our thoughts…

Consider the, uh, ‘content’ of your hens night

That is to say… if it’s going to be a little on the crazy side, perhaps don’t invite your Great Aunt Gladys (unless she’s into that!)

You can totally invite people who aren’t invited to the wedding

Let’s be honest, weddings are expensive. You can’t invite every man and his dog. We see a lot of brides inviting just a few close friends to their wedding and instead having a big celebration with their wider friends circle at their hens night.

Don’t stress that there will be people who don’t know one another

The idea of a hens night is the group is there to celebrate you and your impending nuptials! Choose an activity or two that get people chatting and go from there. Everyone will be okay!

There’s no use overthinking it

Can it be as simple as: who do I want there? Yes. It can. Often each guest pays their own way in lieu of gifts, so cost is no concern. Invite who you want, and as many people as you want!


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