Fancy dress hens in Bowral 80's theme

Cut loose!

A hens night is more than just an opportunity to let loose with your best friends and family. Over our 10+ years of treasure hunting, one of our most favourite things is seeing how the bride-to-be pushes herself outside her comfort zone – and often motivates her besties to do so, too! If you’re a little uneasy about it, here are some really simple ways to dip your toe in the water at your hens night… Hopefully they inspire you to go all out and completely jump outside your comfort zone! 😉

  • Wear that lipstick you bought on a whim and decided never to wear because it was too “bright” or “flashy” – own it, girl!
  • That dress that you’ve been eyeing off? That top that’s been calling to you? If it feels right, get it/wear it/love it. What better time than now?!
  • Let people know what you want – or don’t want. Not keen on tapas? Prefer a cocktail bar? Tell them!
  • Ask a random hottie for a cheeky photo… just because.
  • Make your soundtrack for the night as cheesy and/or girly and/or obnoxious as you damn well please!
  • Don’t worry about the wedding. Just for the night. There’s nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow.

Full steam ahead, ladies!

fancy dress hens

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