Do I invite my mother in law to my hens?

One of the first considerations for brides or their chief bridesmaid when arranging the hen party is the mothers. Mother of the bride, mother of the groom, step mums, Dads’ partners, all the different potentials on the guest list – do you invite them or not?

The answer to this question is twofold – what are they like and what do you plan to do? Are mothers quite traditional and don’t drink? In that case, a stripper cruise may not be their scene. Or are they real party animals who are first into the bar? Then no problem.

The mother in law question can also need a little additional consideration. For instance, if you plan to have Buff Butlers running your hen party evening, is the mother in law going to be a bit put out by this? Or will she be waiting at the door to greet the guys?!

Thinking about their personalities, their tastes and their feelings are important. If you want a funky hen party, but they are more traditional, why not do two? Go nightclubbing with the girls then have a meal at a nice restaurant with the older generation. Everyone is happy that way.

If however, you think they’ll all get along as long as you choose an activity to suit all types, then jump right in and invite everyone! Something like a flower crown workshop followed by a high tea is always a winner or even a cocktail making class followed by a cheeky life art drawing session – if the Mums’ aren’t too conservative! Then again, you just can’t go past a Hens Treasure Hunt for something that appeals to everyone! In our years of experience we’ve found that sometimes the older Mums’ are the ones that get up to the most cheeky mischief! 

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