Eco Friendly Party Bags!

Party bag ideas that are Eco-Friendly! Delight your friends and save the planet all at the same time!

A take-home goodie bag is such a wonderful way to show your guests (and bride-to-be!) just how much you appreciate them. However, coming up with party bag ideas that are not only memorable and useful, but also eco-friendly can be a real challenge.

With the inspiration provided below, though, you’ll have no problem delighting your guests with eco gifts that are not only unique and unexpected, but also zero waste and/or reusable (meaning they’ll benefit the environment as well as party goers in their everyday lives).

When it comes to party bags, we suggest the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ thought process.

For starters, do you actually need a bag for your gifts?

I​f it’s an adorable succulent, for example, let their beauty shine through. They will look amazing grouped together on the favour table as is, no bag needed. Have a few goodies to hand out? Try tying them together using twine (attaching a beautiful flower or some leaves for added ‘wow’ factor).

From reusable bags, cookie tins or sweet glass jars, to beautiful storage boxes or woven baskets, there are a range of wonderful and creative ways to package your gifts.

Just think before choosing, will this slot into everyday life easily? Can it help your guests with food shopping or even storage at home?

For those creative souls, you could also try reusing items from your home to create gorgeous gift bags. Fabric you’ve had in the cupboard for years, for instance, could become the most wonderful goodie bags you’ve ever seen!

Plastic party bags filled with single use plastic objects are pretty underwhelming to be honest.  It’s like getting that plastic thimble in the Christmas cracker.  You know you’ve just acquired more useless rubbish but have to smile sweetly and pretend it’s all fun. Instead go for brown paper bags.  Fill them with fair trade chocolates, a cardboard quiz card (you can make this), a note book and pencil. They can also be popped in the recycle bin after the party.

Biscuits are not only delish, but also the perfect way to add a pop of colour and/or themed fun to your eco gift bags! What’s more, if you put a bit of thought into the overall design (i.e. personalise with a cute message, use an image that means the world to your best friend, etc.), they will bring an unexpected and truly beautiful touch to the event.

Is there someone in the bridal party who is a bit of a pro in the kitchen? If the answer is yes, then whipping up some delicious home-baked goodies is a fantastic (and fairly cheap, depending on what you make) favour option. After all, nothing shows love quite like bread, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, jams, cookies, slices or even salsa made from scratch!

And the best part? Home-baked goodness can easily be matched to your overall event theme. ​Are you hosting a pink party, for example? Use different shades of pink icing on your cupcakes. What about an angel & devil theme? Gift your guests some delicious red salsa in cute, glass jars! Partying in boho style? Add some stunning edible flowers to your treats.

It’s not unusual to see straws in hen party gift bags – they’re cute, a cheap filler option and handy for sipping on throughout the event. However, they are often plastic and only used for a couple of hours before going in the bin.  Avoid unnecessary landfill by incorporating eco-friendly alternatives instead! But other than recyclable paper straws, what ARE your options?

First there are reusable bamboo straws. Made from natural, durable bamboo, they are ideal for all kinds of cold drinks. And whilst they can be cleaned and used again and again, should you ever need to dispose of them they are also fully biodegradable in the compost or garden!

Second there are reusable stainless steel straws
​Also fantastic for all kinds of cold drinks, these straws are made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel. And if you ever need to dispose of them? They are fully recyclable!

Turtle and Me specialise in bright and fun options (including rose gold, rainbow and gold), these straws make the perfect addition to any kind of celebration.

Hope these tips helped! Always good to help the planet where we can, even if it’s just one plastic straw at a time, it all adds up!
*Thanks to For Every Hen for the inspiration for this post.

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