Hens party activities for your favourite nearly wed

The hen's treasure hunt

How it works

Are you looking for hens party activities that are easy to organise and everyone will love?

We’re here to take the stress out of planning a hen party, here’s how it works.

“Thanks for such a well-organised and fun hen's treasure hunt. It was the perfect activity to kick off a wonderful celebration for my sister's hen’s day/night. We all had a ball! Also a big thanks to Christen who did a great job hosting the event. I will definitely recommend this to others! “

How the Hens Treasure Hunt works


Get yourselves to the meeting point where your fabulous and friendly local host will welcome you (dress up, dress down or get wild with a bachelorette theme). Make it fab for your hen!


Your host will give you a briefing on your treasure hunt, your clues, maps and the top-secret instructions for 2 hours of hen’s crazy fun! 


Get your creative juices flowing, your sleuthing brain ticking and giggling gear ready to go. It’s time to set off, but there are no prizes for speed, the team with the most points win!


Teams take different routes on foot (10 mins between locations max) solving clues leading to locations where you’ll have a giggle and a tipple while completing your challenges. There’s nothing embarrassing or awkward because the hunt is for everyone: a little cheeky and lots of fun!

Feeling racy? Knock yourself out! Put your spicy spin on it, just make sure you bring the evidence!


It’s prize and bubble time! Your host will be waiting at the final destination with a well deserved drink for the hen! The team with the most points gets a delicious chocolate prize and basks in the accolades. Your hen will get a memento to remember her amazingly fun hens party activity and you’re suitably primed for a night on the town.

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“Absolutely loved it. So much fun! Best Hen's Ever!”

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