How to choose the perfect hen party activity?

It can be tough, you’ve got a group of girls to please, everyone has given you different ideas, nobody is offering to help, and you want to make sure everyone and especially the bride, has the best hens party ever. So no pressure! Here’s a few tips to help make it easier on you.

  1. Talk to the bride– She might have an idea, or she might have clear ideas of what she doesn’t want.
  2. Location, location, location– Where you decide to go will have a major impact on what you do.
  3. Decide wants important– It might be doing something new, getting outdoors, being pampered, enjoying drinks, work out what the most important aspect is then plan accordingly.
  4. Check for details– Are any of the hens pregnant, any injuries or illness, any ages to cater for? All these can have a major bearing on your final activity.
  5. Check the budget– Not everyone will have the same amount of spare cash so ask the bride to set a price budget that won’t exclude anyone or leave them spending more than they want.

And, you can never go wrong with a Hens Treasure Hunt! Just saying….

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