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It’s all about the theme!

Struggling with a theme? We’ve got your back!

Ok ladies, we are coming in hot with some stellar party theme recommendations! If you didn’t already know, here at Hens Treasure Hunt, we love a theme! Who doesn’t love dressing up and having some fun?! One of our favourite theme ideas is the decade theme. Not only is this a super versatile idea, it also gives everyone a chance to participate without having to spend a small fortune on something they’ll likely never wear again. Now obviously, it’s your party and you could choose any decade throughout history that you want, but if you’re looking for some inspo we’ve added a few of our fave decades for dress up below!

The 1920’s
You surely had to know this was coming, could we really make a decade themed party inspo list without including the 1920’s?! Think jazz. decadence, excess, a silent film inspired smokey eye, get your bride tribe together, channel your inner Gatsby and make sure you call at least one person ‘old sport’ throughout the night.

Bonus 20’ Inspo Movie: The Great Gatsby- the Baz Luhrman version, it has a killer soundtrack too!

The 1970’s
Ah the 70’s, dust off your bell bottoms and get ready to disco! This is such a fun one, think Studio 54, flair pants, the original Charlies Angels (or who are we kidding, really just Farrah Fawcett- the ultimate 70’s hair icon). If Disco is not your thing we will also accept a Woodstock vibe, while Woodstock technically took place in the 60’s (August 1969, so to be fair right on the edge there) you can’t say this didn’t have a pretty significant effect that carried well into the 1970’s!

Bonus 70’s Inspo Movie: Saturday Night Fever- it doesn’t get more 70’s than this my friends!

The 1980’s
If you love neon and lycra then boy do we have a theme for you! Welcome to the 80’s. Think big hair, bright colours, leg warmers and a healthy dose of shoulder pads (who doesn’t love an 80’s power shoulder?!) You have a wealth of style icons to emulate, Madonna, Olivia Newton-John (and let’s be honest we are referring almost exclusively to the ‘Physical’ video clip), Cher’s workout videos. So many amazing choices for fun 80’s style outfits.

Bonus 80’s Inspo Movie: The Breakfast Club- surely this comes as no surprise, it really is the ultimate 80’s movie.

The 2000’s
In the famous words of Paris Hilton “That’s hot”! Think low rise jeans, the tiniest of mini skirts (extra points if you add a pair of boot leg jeans underneath) and honestly, if you could get your crew into matching velour juicy tracksuits it would be completely iconic. We mentioned the original Charlies Angels as inspiration for our 70’s theme, for the 2000’s we’d recommend channelling your inner Cameron Diaz from the movie remake!

Bonus 2000’s Inspo Movie: Legally Blonde- and yes we expect to see you and your girls practicing the bend and snap, it works every time!

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