It’s all in the details


Here at Hens Treasure Hunt, we’re firm believers in the finer details… the accessories, and the little gestures… the small things that make a party what it is! Here are a few of our favourite hens night add-on’s that we’ve seen over the years.

Cute Bridal Accessories

Anything with ‘BRIDE’ emblazoned on it. Whether it’s a badge, a veil, or a customised t-shirt, we’re a big fan of celebrating the bride-to-be, and drawing attention to her (whether she likes it or not). Hens nights and bridal showers are all about celebrating the last of her ‘single’ days, so we ought to do it right!

Party Favours

No need to go all out. In fact, some of the cutest party favours we’ve seen have been oh-so-tiny and adorable. It’s the thought behind it. A gesture of thanks for helping you celebrate!


We’re talking photo props, mini games, and all the essentials in between. Even if you’re not exactly artistic, there are plenty of options both in stores and online nowadays. We always think we’ve seen them all, then something even more wacky and hilarious comes along almost every week. Go on, surprise us!

A smile

Oh, yes. We are going to be that cheesy. Even if you’re not on board with the physical accessories, or you’re simply on a budget, sometimes all you need is a smile and a sense of humour… Guaranteed, you’ll have a blast.

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