Perth Q&A

We recently sat down for a chat with one of our Perth hens! Perth is one of our newest and most exciting Hens Treasure Hunt locations. Here’s what she had to say…

What made you choose Hens Treasure Hunt?

I’d been to a few hens parties lately and wanted something different. Our friend group had done the same thing a few times now, so yeah. Hens Treasure Hunt seemed like a lot of fun from the photos I saw, so I thought why not?

What was the highlight?

Definitely the funny challenges. We were laughing so hard. And that was everyone in my group… No one was left out. We have so many great photos from the day.

What would you do differently?

I had my hens night pretty close to my wedding. I’d probably spread it out a bit more. But it definitely took the stress away, not having to do anything myself anyway. The Treasure Hunt team did it all for me.

Any hens night advice for future brides-to-be?

Just have fun. It’s meant to be a day or a night to let loose, so seriously take advantage. Don’t stress and don’t do everything yourself.

Image source: Experience Perth

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