Planning the perfect hens party


Do you ever worry when you’re in charge of something, it’ll fall flat? Whether you’re just cooking dinner for friends, choosing a movie for you and your partner to watch, or organising something bigger like a hen celebration, nobody wants their event to be a yawn-fest or, worse still, remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Well, whilst we can’t help you with your cooking skills or movie selection (ours are both appalling), we can help you beat the boredom for your hens’ party with this handy tip to guarantee a memorable celebration!

Get Organised
In the many (many) years we’ve been arranging hen parties, we’ve often found that boredom ensues when there are unexpected gaps in the itinerary. For example, if you have something organised around lunchtime and then you have a big gap until the evening entertainment, you need to fill it somehow, otherwise the atmosphere may fall flat.

Just How Will You Fill the Time? Play some games!
Don’t just expect the party to start itself! Be sure to include some games to get the hens in the right frame of mind to ensure a memorable night. We have a list on our website to help you get the party started! Find yourselves a cosy bar, order some cocktails and away you go. Pick somewhere with cute guys around in case you need input with some of the games! Just don’t overdo the drinks, you need to pace yourselves for the evening ahead!

And finally, remember – perfect is boring! So what if there’s a tiny hiccup or things don’t work out exactly the way you planned, it’s how you react to it that matters. If you take it all in your stride and make the most out of everything, you’ll be onto a winner from the get-go.

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