A very classy group of hens in a blue theme.

Q&A Newcastle!

We recently sat down with one of our gorgeous hens who opted for a Hens Treasure Hunt in Hamilton, Newcastle – a beautiful harbour city in NSW. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: Why did you choose a Hens Treasure Hunt? Why Newcastle?

A: I’d seen a group out doing a hunt a few weeks earlier. They looked like they were having heaps of fun, so I looked you guys up and dropped a hint to my maid of honour, and it went from there. I needed to have something pretty much organised for me. I work full-time and organising a wedding is pretty intense! So, in the end it was a no-brainer. Oh and I live in Newcastle, so it made sense.

Q: What was the highlight?

A: The challenges were so much fun, but not gross… like, not cheesy or too raunchy or over-the-top, you know? They were the highlight for me because… my group of friends, we get a little competitive! So, we had fun with it. We didn’t want to just like sit around and have drinks. That’s great, but this added a whole other level.

Q: Anything you’d do differently?

A: Maybe just do it a bit later in the afternoon so we could head straight to dinner after.

Q: Would you recommend a Hens Treasure Hunt to other brides-to-be? Why/why not?

A: 100% yes. Not sure about other locations, but Newcastle was brilliant. Our host was fabulous. We didn’t have to lift a finger or worry about a thing. It was all sorted. So, for me, having a million and one other things to worry about for the wedding, it was so good to let loose and not worry. All my friends and my mum loved it too.

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