Hens party in colourful costumes

Something different

When we started Hens Treasure Hunt, we wanted to re-imagine the ‘typical’ hens party. Instead of strippers and over-the-top raunchiness, we wanted something that was still cheeky but suited just about everyone (yes, even grandma!)

When you think of your hens night, sure, you might want to try something tried and true. But how about re-imagining what that could look like? Here are a few hens traditions you can definitely turn on their head.

Party favours
Everyone loves a good party favour, but let’s be honest. Some things are just landfill and we don’t like that! Think outside the box, and think practical. A hens survival kit (e.g. pain killers, comb, nail file, lippy) is one way to actually get some use out of a party favour.

The raunch factor is becoming less and less an integral component of the hens night. But that doesn’t mean you can’t re-imagine it, and get cheeky without being over the top. Our dares and challenges are perfect for this, and you’ll definitely come across a few hotties in the process.

We so love the tried and true themes (e.g. angels and devils) but equally, we love those that are a little weird and quirky. Go on, surprise us! It’ll make for great photos if nothing else. ?

While they’re a regular fixture at bridal showers, 5-10 years ago it might’ve been unheard of to invite your aunt/s and grandma/s to your hens night. Trust us when we say, they can well and truly have a blast given the chance. (Some of our cheekiest photos have seen grandma front and centre!)

Whatever your preference, make your night something unique and something to be remembered.


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