Think Outside the Box


When you picture your ideal hens night, what do you see? A stock standard set-up, with the same old games, and a cheesy stripper? No? At Hens Treasure Hunt, we want your experience to be something unique, and something that everyone can enjoy – yes, including your grandma! And, while there’s a little cheekiness sprinkled about, there’s nothing over the top or completely in your face. It’s good wholesome fun 😉

Picture you, your family, and your closest friends rocking up to greet your host, who has already organised absolutely everything for you. Your only responsibility? To have fun on your treasure hunt! Over more than 10 years we’ve perfected all our challenges, and have included something for everyone – from those who have a crazy good memory, to those who know how to bust a move like no one else!

For an even more personalised experience, choose your own theme and we can tailor your Hens Treasure Hunt to suit! The possibilities are endless… Drop us a line today!


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