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Top 5 Hens Party Must Haves!

Top Five Hens Party Must-haves:

We like to think of ourselves as something of an expert on hens parties (with all our experience throwing them it’s hard not to be!), so we have put together a list of 5 necessities that make up the unwritten ‘rules’ of the hens party. Obviously, this is all a bit of fun and you can pick and choose what you want to include, but we can confirm that including all 5 makes for a cracker of an event!

1. A dress code and/or theme

Alright, you all know how much we love a good theme here at Hens Treasure Hunt, and big extra points if you and your Bride Tribe go all out with a coordinated theme and costumes, but you can keep it simple with a general dress code too. A theme or dress code ensures the whole gang looks cohesive and put together and will look amazing in the photos (and yes, there will be plenty of photos!). So whether it’s a full-on theme, a colour palette or a simple ‘smart casual’ dress code, you will be patting yourself on the back for making this decision when you’re looking back at the photos years down the track!

2. An embarrassing speech

We all know that the hens party is all about celebrating the bride, and what better way than with a speech in her honour?! Now, this can be varying levels of embarrassment depending on the bride and who she’s invited to the party (maybe don’t go bringing up the times she snuck out to meet a boy or go to a party as a teenager in front of her mum and nan!) but a throw in a cheeky joke or two and a funny story about the bride to give her and the group a good old giggle! Just make sure that you throw in how lovely she is as well!

3. A drinking game

What hens party is complete without a drinking game? If alcohol is not your thing fret not, these games will be hilarious enough even for the sober members of the group! We have a whole section of our website dedicated to some truly brilliant hens night games, so make sure you check that out for some further inspo!

4. A silly party favour and/or decoration

We’re not saying it has to be penis straws (although, they’re always a great option), but having a fun little party favour or decoration such as a sash for the bride and bridesmaids, a little veil or crown for the bride. Something to make the occasion a bit more festive and invite the spirit of silly fun for everyone to have a giggle about down the track.

5. A camera!

Surely this one is pretty self-explanatory? What fun is including all of the above but not documenting any of it to remember, laugh at and be embarrassed about years down the track?! Photographic evidence is 100% necessary for a hens party, not only do you all look super cute, the bride will want to hold onto these memories!

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