Yo Ho Ho!

Christmas can be stressful enough without factoring in a wedding and everything surrounding it. Those brides-to-be with summer weddings in Australia have the benefit of beautiful weather and greater availability for their guests. However, they also have to take into account all the festive season stressors – and what they do to those around them!

Our advice? Be prepared, and don’t expect anyone – even your bridesmaids – to have loads of free time at this time of year. Someone snapped at you? It’s probably more about them than you. Try not to take it personally, it’s not worth the worry.

As much as possible, steal little pockets of time to check in on 1) yourself (am I OK, or at serious breaking point?), and 2) hubby-to-be. He’s probably feeling it, too. Don’t lose sight of what it’s all about. If you can lean on one another, everything else will fall into place eventually.

As for your hens night? Why not make it a Christmas themed party? Your friends might be over all the office Christmas parties, but you can make your hens something unique and positive, and have a little laugh in the face of all the stress. Even better if you can have someone else organise it for you, like us here at Hens Treasure Hunt!

Most of all, deep breaths … lots and lots of deep breaths (and a little wine – consumed responsibly, of course)!


Image source: iStock

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