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Here at Hens Treasure Hunt we're all about fun! We have come up with a totally unique and fabulous hens party idea to suit everyone!

Organising a hens night for your bestie can be challenging! How do you choose an activity that will make everyone happy? Not all guests are big drinkers, some aren’t into physical activity and some you don’t even know yet! Here at HTH, we can take all that stress away for you. With 15 years of experience we know how to make a group of ladies happy and especially the hen. Our events aren’t overly physical, you can drink along the way if you like and there is nothing sleazy or embarrassing involved, just good, cheeky, girly fun!

Why your hen will love you

* This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser to suit most people.
* It's a great ice breaker for guests that don't know each other.
* You'll all have lots of cheeky photos to laugh about later.
* Everyone will thank you for choosing this!
* You all have a reason for chatting up hot guys!
* It suits the tame and timid hen as well as the gal who's up for anything!


2.5hrs of hens fun!
Event includes a hostess, treasure hunt kits, prize and keepsake folder for the hen.
Complimentary bubbly for everyone!
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Hens Night Treasure Hunt comments

The treasure hunt was awesome and so much fun! Shauna absolutely loved it and it was such a good laugh and bonding activity for the group as many people didn’t know each other! Jasmine Aug 2017

I just wanted to thank you all for the treasure hunt. I had people complementing me all night what a great time they had and how awesome it was and how much of a great idea. Bree was a fabulous hostess with a great sense of humour! Best of all, the bride to be couldn't have had a better time! Thank you so much for everything. Bec, Oct 2016

Everybody had an amazing time. They all said it was the best hens night ever! It got pretty wild after the treasure hunt!
It was an amazing way to start the day! Thanks again for all of your help organising and changing times!
Can't wait to do another one at some point!
Heather, February 2017

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