1. Check availability of your preferred date, time and location with us on 0412 895 213 or Email us

2. Lock it in with a $50 deposit, it’s that easy! You can use our easy paypal link or credit card or bank deposit is fine too. Pay here

3. Check with the girls and decide on what else you’ll be doing – dinner, dancing, cruise and lock that in as well.

4. Send out your invitations and the treasure hunt link to get everyone excited about coming. pinterest.com/henstreasurehun/a-quick-snapshot/

5. Make sure guests have your bank details and a date deadline to pay. We need final payment and numbers the Monday before your event.

6. On the Monday before your party, let us know your final numbers, we’ll email you the amount for you to pay via bank deposit or credit card.

7. Turn up on the day ready for some fun and enjoy – it’s that easy!

We’d love to chat about helping you plan your hens, give us a tingle! 0412 895 213