Bride Vibe

We often come across the all important question of… how do I decorate for a hens night? Often it takes place at various locations. Often there are lots of different women, some of whom have completely different tastes to one another. Not to mention, you don’t want to be lugging around loads of props if you’re out and about.

So, here’s our advice…

Keep it simple.

It might seem tempting to totally spoil the bride-to-be on the decoration front. After all, the look on her face will be priceless. Don’t worry, you can still bring a smile to her face with some cute and simple decorations, like balloons, photo props, and party poppers.

Make a weekend of it.

If you’re planning on a big night, book a hotel room or an apartment. Then you’ve got an awesome base for decorations! Include some custom signs and flowers. Sure to please and put everyone in the mood to celebrate!

Put yourself in the bride-to-be’s shoes.

Is she the type to want to decorate with penis straws and other similar paraphernalia, or keep it more low-key? Would she want something to keep afterwards, or is she happy to just throw it away as the night ends? Some brides are completely no frills, so decorations could be a huge no-no!

Stick to a budget.

I know, we sound like your mother… but seriously… decorations are not the be all and end all. Do what you can (and DIY where you can) but don’t break the bank. Most of all, have fun!


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