If you’re looking for some fun games to add onto your hens party, here are some tried and true favourites of ours that we’re sure you will love too!  You’re welcome! HTH x

His Last Words

What you’ll need:
Answers from the groom in advance.  Pens & paper.

How to play: For this hen party game you’ll need a little help from the groom in advance.
Email him the questions and ask him to complete the sentences for you.
Make sure you bring this along on the night.
At the party give all the girls a piece of paper and a pen,
then read out the sentences (leaving out the groom’s words),
the players must write down what they think he said.

Once you’ve read all the questions and everyone has filled in their answers
ask the players to switch papers and score each other’s answers as you
go through the questions again this time reading the correct answer.
You can get the girls to read out the funniest answers.

  1. When I get home from work the first thing I say to [hen] is…
  2. [Bride’s] best feature is…
  3. [Bride’s] worst habit is…
  4. Even though she doesn’t know it, when [bride] isn’t at home, I like to…
  5. The one word I think that describes [bride] best is…
  6. My pet name for [bride] is…
  7. The thing she does that really drives me mad is…
  8. The one thing I remember the most about our first date is…
  9. The moment I knew I loved her was when…
  10. One thing you probably don’t all know about [bride] is…



What you’ll need:

  • Small strips of paper
  • Pens
  • A box of chocolates
  • A small bag
  • Shots
  • Some hens with hilarious hidden secrets……

How to play: Each player must write down a secret or fact about herself
that nobody else knows, fold and place the piece of paper in a small bag.
Eg: I have a tattoo of an ex boyfriends name on my butt.
Once everyone has ‘fessed up’, take it in turns to pull out a confession and read it aloud.
The person doing the reading must now try and guess whose confession they’re holding.
Guess correctly and the player gets a chocolate. But if they get it wrong, then they have to take a shot.

Wise Words

What you’ll need: Pre-printed answers & A bag

How to play: This hen party game is just for the bride
but something that will touch all the hens in a special way.

Before the party ask all the guests to send you a few words of advice
or a message for the bride (they can be serious, funny or just plain dirty!)
Print each answer onto a small pieces of paper, fold them up
and put them in your bag.

The bride picks out a piece of paper at random and reads it aloud to the group.
She then has one guess to try and figure out who said it.
You can bet that there’ll be plenty of laughs as well as
a few happy tears as the sincere words and funny answers
mix together to give the nearly-wed a few really special moments.


Would I Lie To You?

What you’ll need:  A good BS radar!
Ability to lie with a straight face!  A box of chocolates.

How to play: Give everyone a minute to think of 2 real facts
about themselves that not everyone would know.
Everyone then has a turn stating their two true facts
(eg: I had my first kiss at 12, I have a fear of clowns) and add in a lie
(eg: I ate 4 Big Macs at once).
The group then discuss which one they think is the lie.
The group votes, the majority rules and they announce the
one they think is the lie. If they get it wrong the person telling the
lie wins a chocolate!