Games With The Girls!

We are excited to offer a new activity for our hens. This event came into being one very wet and soggy Saturday last year. We were forced at the last minute to take one group indoors and entertain them with games and it was a hit! We have now developed and extended that theme and come up with a complete package called Games With The Girls – original, we know!

This is how it works – your hostess will provide you with a warm welcome and a cocktail on arrival then let the fun begin! First is a rousing game of Tops and Tails – see who can tell true from false and be the last woman standing. Followed by Who Loves Chocolate the Most, Artistic Endeavours, Sky High and Pass the What, amongst others. Our event ends with a hilarious balloon popping game which will leave you all crying with laughter. This event takes place in a private room in a venue in one of our locations and includes hostess, games, a cocktail, chocolate and a token gift for all. A meal or nibbles can be added on depending on the venue and your requirements. Please call for more info, we’re dying to talk to someone, is anyone out there?! 0412 895 213

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