Theme ideas for bachelor parties (Hens hunt)

Theme Ideas For Bridesmaid Parties

Getting ready for a hen party? Exciting times! Remember, the theme can set the tone for the entire party. Whether you’re thinking of a wild night or a relaxed gathering, here are five themes that are sure to make your hens party memorable:

1. Glitz and Glam: Burlesque!  

Ever dreamt of feeling like a showgirl for a night? Embrace the glitz and glam of Moulin Rouge! Dress up, pop the champagne, and dance the night away. After all, burlesque is all about confidence, fun, and feeling fabulous!

2. All White, All Right!  

Wearing white isn’t just reserved for the bride. Gather your girls, decked out in your best white dresses, and create an elegant, dreamy evening. It’s the bride’s color after all!

3. Flashback to the 90s  

Relive those golden 90s moments! Think Spice Girls, scrunchies, and the best dance tracks. A 90s theme is perfect for a nostalgic night, full of fun and laughter.

4. Sultry Playboy Night  

Want a night of mischief? Dress up in bunny costumes, and embrace the playful spirit of the Playboy era. Whether you hit the club or take a pole dancing class, this theme is all about feeling confident and sexy.

5. Classic Hens Party  

Not into extravagant themes? No worries! Keep it simple and classic. Don custom t-shirts, wear those cute bride squad sashes, play traditional games, and enjoy quality time with the ladies.

Whatever theme you choose, remember it’s all about celebrating and having a blast with your close friends. Happy planning! ??

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