Theme Inspo!

Looking for some inspiration for your hens party theme? We’ve seen some great costumes over the years. Some of our ladies have been very creative. One group asked everyone to dress in something that explained how they met the hen. One guest turned up wearing a cardboard car around her waist as they met in a minor car accident?! Yes, clever, but not very practical for a night on the town?!

This is one main factor to keep in mind, if you want to get into nightclubs later on in the night, being dressed as old ladies complete with slippers and grey wigs may not be the best way to go! However, if you have a hotel room to go back to to get changed in, then you can wear whatever you like. Just keep the male appendages to a minimum as some pubs won’t let you in with those attached to your head, just saying!

Some of the themes we’ve seen and loved over the years:

Animal print
1950’s housewives
Angels vs Devils
Super Heroines
Disney characters
Colour scheme

Love all the colour and creativity we’ve seen over the years. Just adds that extra element of fun to a hens party, and fun is what it’s all about!

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