How To Be A Good Bridesmaid

If you have been asked to be a bridesmaid and you’re wondering how to be a good one, here’s some handy tips!

  • Be a sounding board for her ideas
  • Be a good listener when she needs it
  • Offer to help her with the overall planning of the day and any events in between.
  • Put your own preferences aside for her big day (if you think you don’t look good in yellow, remember that’s what she wants and if it’s her colour scheme, understand that’s what her dream wedding is!)
  • Showing up! Being a bridesmaid means attending appointments like dress fittings, the hen party etc.  Ensuring you have the time to attend appointments and events like this is important.
  • Calming her nerves
  • Coming up with solutions to any problems that might arise. 
    For example, if the bridal party has a disagreement, providing solutions and options rather than getting involved in the disagreement is more helpful 
  • Enjoy the process! Remember, you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, it’s a privilege not a chore. So put on the yellow dress, be a calm, helpful friend on the day and smile!
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